Swim with whale Sharks in cancun

A world class tour - A great opportunity to observe these “gentle giants” In their natural habitat

The experience of a lifetime – swim with the whale sharks in the surroundings of Isla Mujeres and Cancun. This is the only place in the world where whale sharks congregate in large numbers. The presence of this creature in the end of May to September among Cancun the north of Contoy Island and Holbox Island is due to the large amount of nutrients that is found in this part of the Caribbean Sea.

The boats are safe, fast, and comfortable and The crew are seasoned veterans.  They will answer your questions and make it a memorable experience.

Tour inclusion;
Swim with Whale Shark Cancun

  • light lunch, bottled water & sodas
  • snorkeling gear
  • Swim with Shark Whales

Prices & availability

Departure: Daily from Punta Sam or Marina Hacienda del Mar
Duration: About 6 hours (7:30am - 12:30 pm)
Adult Retail Rate :$175.00 USD
Internet Rate (for orders placed online) $150.00 USD
Minimun of 2 Passengers per Reservation

Tour Date
The Hotel you stay


Balance bust be paid directly to our staff in the Marina.
Internet Rate (for orders placed online) $150.00 USD
Deposit required of $70.00 USD
You can pay deposit now and Select your dates later

Tour Date
The Hotel you stay


Clients must arrive half an hour before their time of departure.
All prices in US Dollars, tax included.
All services are subject to cancellations and/or delays due to climate conditions.

How to get the Marina Hacienda del Mar:
If you are located within Cancun’s hotel zone, we recommend that you take the R1 bus and ask to stop in Cancun Downtown and then take a taxi from there. They should not charge you more than 3/4 USD at most.
One the return you can have the taxi drop you off at the downtown ADO bus station. From there you can take any R1 bus just out front. And Also we offer transfer from Cancun hotels round trip for only $15.00 USD per person


Bring Bathing suit, - Towels, Sandals, Biodegradable sunscreen and Disposable waterproof camera, You should know that boat trip take about 40 minutes and other 40 minutes return on the tour. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you put protective sunscreen on before and during the tour. This will prevent the high risk of getting a sun burn otherwise.
You must have a good night’s sleep, as the pick-up times are very early.
If you consume alcohol, please do not drink a day before, due to the long periods under the sun, and the long boat trip durations, this could cause unpleasant situations.  Do not forget to bring some money to buy souvenirs

1. How big is the whale shark?

The most common whale sharks seen in the Mexican Caribbean are usually from 20-40 feet! The biggest fish in the sea!
2. Are whale sharks harmful?

Whale sharks are very passive fish, and are not at all harmful to humans, on the contrary they seem to become curious to humans swimming with them, as they come and visit the Mexican Caribbean once a year!
3. Is it dangerous to swim with whale sharks?

No it is absolutely safe to swim with whale sharks, as long as they are not bothered! They are very calm fish and slowly swim through the sea, they also only eat plankton, which is found in the sea.
4. Am I harming the environment by swimming with whale sharks?

Not at all! Swimming with whale sharks with us  is done in a very eco-friendly manner. We follow strict regulations when swimming them, with a no touching and diving policy. To them humans in the water will appear as other creatures of the sea, and if we give them their space, we can all enjoy each other’s company!
5. Can I touch the whale sharks?

Although whale sharks are not harmful to humans, we do not want to irritate the creatures as they peacefully swim in the oceans. Therefore clients are not allowed to harm, touch, irritate or get in the way of the fish as they make their way around us.
6. Can I dive with whale sharks?

Diving with whale sharks in the area in which Cancun Plus does the tour is not permitted; it is also a lot less practical to dive with the whale sharks as they move fast. Therefore ONLY snorkeling is allowed.
7. Do I need to wear a life jacket?

Yes, unless you have a wetsuit which supports keep you afloat, every client will be asked to wear a wetsuit for safety and precautions.
8. Can I bring my own wetsuit?

Of course! Any personal gear for the water can be brought, as long as it does not take up other people’s space on the boats and also as long as it is not diving gear

9. Is there any way that I can prevent getting sea sick? And do you provide medication for it?

We do not sell any preventative or medicinal treatment prior or during the tour. We do advise though, that if you fear that you may get seasick or would simply like to prevent it, then consult your doctor and bring some along with you. Or take one 1, 30 minutes before boarding the boats.
10. What happens if we do not see whale sharks?

Cancun Plus has a 100% return policy if no whale sharks are seen, and the opportunities to go on another tour day or full refund are both available for the client. (transportation is not included in this case)

How to get my E-voucher? As soon as we received your payment, we will send you an e-voucher with all reservation details. We attempt to provide your e-voucher within 72 hours, However, If your tour service is within the next 72 hours, your e-voucher will be sent as quickly as possible.

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