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Is it possible to book a last minute package to Cuba?
Cuba that is still a communism country lives at a slow pace.  At the same time, the country is very famous as a vacation spot with about 2 million visitors who travel there each and every year.  In Cuba there is no central reservation system equipped with sophisticated computers that is open 24 hours a day.  It takes time, (up to 72 hours) to make any reservation.

If you want to stay in any Old Havana Area (declared by UNESCO World Heritage site in 1982), you must make an early reservation, in high season up to 1 months in advance, and in low season up to 15 days  before you plan to arrive.  For other locations, one month in advance should be sufficient.

Have you been to Cuba before? If, not ….
Outside the island's hotels and resorts little English is spoken.  It may be very challenging to organize activities on your own if you do not speak Spanish.
All travelers need to plan their trip extensively in order to fully enjoy it.  CANCUNPLUS.COM can provide all the required assistance.

Immigration and Customs
American citizens are welcome in Cuba, and you will never have trouble because of your country of origin. 

Cuba's Tourist Card (Visa)
To enter Cuba, you need a valid passport and a tourist card (visa) issued on a separate sheet of paper.  We provide this tourist card with all the tickets or packages we sell.

Usually Cuban immigration does not stamp American passports.  To avoid any mistakes, prior to handing over your documents, ask the immigration officer not to stamp your passport.

The tourist card (visa) authorizes a stay of 30 days, renewable for a further 30 days, for leisure or recreational purposes.  It is not valid for any other travel arrangements. In order to stay outside hotels or in other non-authorized accommodations, you must request authorization from Cuban immigration.  However, as a general rule, if you want to stay in a Casa Particular (the Cuban version of the B&B), you must enter Cuba with a voucher confirming that you have reserved and paid for a minimum of 3 nights in a hotel.  At your departure, you must  present the tourist card together with your passport and ticket.
You are allowed to bring personal belongings to Cuba, such as jewels, photo and video cameras, portable radios and recorders, portable computers, sports gear, fishing gear and musical instruments.

Cuban departure tax
Remember to keep $25 in cash (CUC’s) on hand in order to pay the Cuban departure tax.  You must pay this tax at the airport when leaving the country.  We suggest you put $25 in your passport once you have reached your destination.

American dollars are accepted in most banks or CADECAS (Currency Exchange Office). however we recomend to brigs Mexican pesos or Euros. sometimes American dollars are paid very low. 

May I use my credits cards issuded by a U.S. bank?

Noy They are not accepted

Connecting Flights
Passengers connecting with a flight in a third country are advised to allow ample time between flights.  If you are coming directly from another country to take your flight, you must have sufficient time to clear immigration, pick up your luggage, change terminals, register your luggage and sign in.  For those operating according to a tight schedule, an overnight stay is recommended.  Neither nor the Tour Operator can accept any responsibility for additional charges incurred for air fares or other expenses resulting from irregular airline operations which lead to changes to flight times and/or subsequent misconnections.   It is recommended that all clients take out travel insurance.

Travel Documents
Tickets are pick up at a designated check-in desk at the airport.  Travel documents are send by email .  Depending on deadline, we can send your ticket and other documents by mail (in an unmarked envelope).

Learn about Cuba's colonial historyOnly one suitcase per passenger is allowed free of charge; it must not exceed 20 kilos (44 pounds).  One small piece of hand luggage is allowed in the cabin.  This regulation is strictly enforced.

Cuba is usually very hot. However in winter, especially in January and February, it is recommended that you bring some warmer clothing, for instance a jacket, especially if you are traveling in the western part of the island.  Nights can sometimes be cold. Casual dress is accepted in most tourist areas. However, Cubans are very proud people, and at night you are expected to dress up to go to restaurants and to dance clubs.  No shorts are allowed at night in public places.

Bring all personal-care items with you.  Many products can be bought, but purchasing them is generally annoying and inconvenient, and your favorite brand will not be available.  We also suggest you carry a roll of toilet paper with you.  Women should also bring paper toilet-seat covers.

The Daiquiri and the Mojito are the most famous drinks of CubaYou do not need any inoculations before visiting Cuba.  There are no major health risks in Cuba for travelers.  Tap water is generally safe, but it is recommended that you drink bottled water.  Bottled water is easily accessible.  In all major hotels, doctors are on duty 24 hours a day.  One Havana hospital is entirely reserved for foreigners, and several international clinics can be found in the most important tourist areas.

Health insurance
While traveling in Cuba you are not covered by your U.S. health plan.  We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance.  We can provide you with an excellent health-insurance plan for only $7 per day.

Cuba is a very safe country.  You can walk around at night in tourist areas without having to worry.  Police officers are posted at every street corner to ensure tourist security and they will never give you any trouble.  However you should note that there are some pickpockets, so please carry only small amounts of cash.

Phone Calls
The cheapest way to make an international or national phone call is by using public phones (blue) that accept calling cards.

To call the USA, you must dial 119+1+(area  code)+phone number.
The cost is about $2.00 per minute.

For calls inside Cuba, you must dial 0+(area code)+phone number.
Calls inside Havana cost $0.05 per minute.

Getting Around
You can move around freely in Cuba.  There are no travel restrictions for tourists; you may go wherever you want.  Planes, buses, trains, taxis and rent-a-cars are available.  You should choose your modes of transportation before leaving home and book them in advance.  The number of gas stations is limited, but you will always be able to find gasoline.

Cubans are very friendly!Gifts
Everybody we know who travels to Cuba ends up leaving gifts.  We bet you will too! Cubans are so friendly and are short of so many things.  The best advice we can give you is to bring your old clothes and to hand them out at the end of your stay.  For kids, candies are a great gift!  If visiting a school, bring erasers and pencils.

You may pay CANCUNPLUS.COM by credit card , (We accept Visa and Master) or wire transfers

All prices on this website are in American currency. 



If you are a tourist in Cancun who is planning a trip to Cuba, you have found the right travel company. Our Travel Agent Specialists will help you to plan travel to Cuba.

More than one hundred and thousand people visited Cuba last year.  Cuba is among the world's fastest growing travel destinations. Its beaches are the best in the Caribbean, its culture is unique in Latin America, and its history is fascinating.  All this, and an exceptionally warm welcome from the Cuban people, make the island so attractive to millions of tourists from around the world.

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