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Visit the Caribbean, this beatiful country offers a summer cocktail of laid-back beach destinations, lively party towns and historic gems. With an incessant energy and an alluring Latin flavour, Cuba holidays are just the place for you if you fancy a vibrantly exotic setting for your package holidays this year.

Famous Havana, found right in the heart of Cuba, is a classic MUST-see. Get ready to be whisked back to 1950’s Latin America as you wander around, spotting vintage Cadillacs on every corner. Marvel at the city’s colonial, white-wall trademark architecture and join in with the revellers in the city squares and alleyways moving to the sound of rumba and samba beats.

If you’re happy to sacrifice the sights of Havana for an even more exquisite beach, Varadero is the place to stay during your great value Cuba holidays. With 20kms of powder-smooth white sand, this beach resort is the most popular on the island. Spend your time enjoying the long sandy strip of Cuba’s north coast and try out windsailing on its calm waters. Enjoy regional delicacies or the catch of the day here whilst looking out over the stunning expanse of blue sea.


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More than one hundred and thousand people visited Cuba last year.  Cuba is among the world's fastest growing travel destinations. Its beaches are the best in the Caribbean, its culture is unique in Latin America, and its history is fascinating.  All this, and an exceptionally warm welcome from the Cuban people, make the island so attractive to millions of tourists from around the world.

If spending more than 24 hours in Mexico prior to your departure for Cuba, you will have to pay departure tax  (24 USD) when leaving Cancun for Cuba.Flight to cuba From Cancun

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