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Car Rental Havana online system offer a great selection of Cuban car rental options ranging from fuel-efficient compact cars to luxury sedans. Renting a car in Cuba allows you to create your own itinerary and maintain complete control of where to go, what to do and how long to stay in one particular place. Renting a car is also the best way to explore Cuba and to get in contact with the locals. A large number of Cuban car rental offices are spread strategically over the island meaning that no matter where in Cuba you wish to rent your car, there is always a car rental office nearby. Why not Hire a car at the airport in Havana or do it before? This way you have a car at your disposal from the moment you set foot in Cuba until the time of your departure.

Geely CK Economic Economic / Manual  - from$138.00 per day (low season)
Get a lower price renting up to 8 days

All prices includes: 350 km daily, Free km on rentals of 3 or more days, except Luxury category on which will be free on rentals of 7 or more days. You will receive your car with full tank and Car Rental Company will charge the tank value at the beginnig of the rentals.


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DEPOSIT & GUARANTEE (Payable in Cuba)

When picking up your car a warranty deposit must be made at the rental agency. This amount will be refunded to you at the end of the rental period. The warranty deposit prices may vary between 200.00 CUC  and 250.00 CUC.The payment for the warranty deposit and the insurance can be made by a credit card not issued by American banks. Credit cards Visa & MasterCard are accepted locally in Cuba

Aditional Drivers

Must Pay 30 CUC for every aditional drivers

At least 21 years old. Years of driving experience: One.

The cars must be dropped off at the same hour they will be picked up, an extra will be added for each late hour, till the 4th  hour, when the price for a  full day (at a grater value than the contracted one) will be added.


Please read the conditions below carefully before continuing. By expressing your agreement to these terms, it means that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions relating to the policies formulated.

Once read and accepted these terms and confirmed the reservation of the selected service, you must proceed to the payment of them. The Commercial of the corresponding Office, will contact you with this purpose. If payment is not made within the agreed period, services will be canceled. The prepayment of the services must be effective with a minimum of 5 days prior to the arrival of the client to Cuba. Payment can be made by bank transfer or via Visa or MasterCard credit card. The charge will be made in USD in favor of DESTINOS MAGICOS PLUS TRAVEL SA

Please, note that you all guests must show passport (for non Cuban residents) or Identity card (for Cuban residents) at the check in moment. Some hotels will ask too for the Landing card.

Booking and Payment

Payments will be made in advance. By transfer or by credit card which will be debited, within a period of 24 hours, after having agreed with the Commercial that provides assistance.


· Car rental

· Unlimited kilometers

· Insurance included.

Our sales service only includes vehicle insurance if it is collected in Havana and Santa Clara. Outside of them, the client must hire him and pay the supplement where he makes the withdrawal of the vehicle.


· Security deposit: 150-200 CUC economic category and medium category / 250 CUC medium-high category

· Payment of the deposit filled with fuel in advance

· Supplement of approximately 20 CUC for confirmed reservations at international airports

· Additional driver supplement according to details specified later

· Delivery supplement in different office according to details specified later


The information of the arrival flight is necessary to formalize the rent.

The main driver can not be modified 72 hours before the execution of the service, nor at the point of rent.

When picking up the car you must present the officers of the rental company:

· Enjoy Cuba confirmation voucher

· Passport

· Valid driver's license for the main driver and additional drivers (the driving licenses must be valid throughout the rental period and must be over one year old)

· Credit card or cash for insurance and deposit.


In case of not having any of these documents, the service will not be executed and it will be considered a No Show, applying the corresponding penalty.

The following are established as penalties for cancellations or non-presentation to the confirmed service:

· If the client cancels the reservation 7 days before the date of his indicated arrival, he will reimburse the total of the amount he paid for the reservation, less a charge of 15.00 Euros, for administration fees.

· If the client cancels his reservation within a period of 7 days and 72 hours before the date of his arrival, he will receive the reservation amount minus the two-day lease price, for not showing up on the indicated date.

· If the client cancels his reservation after 72 hours before the date of his arrival and no presentation (NO SHOW), he will receive the amount of the reservation minus the three-day lease price, for not showing up on the indicated date.

· If the customer pays the car before the date indicated at the beginning of the rental, the amount corresponding to the days not used.

Refunds will be charged to your credit card within 72 hours after receiving the cancellation.

Car categories: Companies only confirm categories and not specific models of cars.

Fuel: The car is delivered with a full tank of fuel and the customer must pay in advance the value of said fuel. If the gas tank is not full when you pick up the car, you will receive instructions from the rental agency staff on how to act. Fuel costs must be paid locally at CUC, always using "special" gasoline or diesel as appropriate. The customer must return the car with the deposit as empty as possible, since the car rental company will not refund any money for the remaining fuel.

Returnable deposit: When you rent a car with one of the rental companies, you must make a security deposit. This amount will be refunded at the end of the rental period if the vehicle is returned in the same condition as when it was collected. The deposit is paid in CUC in cash or by credit card (credit cards issued by American banks are not accepted).

Accidents: In the case of accidents or damages, the client must immediately report the incident to the police and obtain a complete statement from the police about the accident. Any damage must be reported to the rental company in 24 hours. The insurance will not cover the damages when driving while intoxicated or drugged. Please check that the information on the assistance of vehicles and the telephone numbers of the car rental company at the moment of the collection of the vehicle.

Return of the car: The car has to be returned in the same conditions as when it was rented. If the vehicle is returned with damages, the rental company will charge additional charges to the client according to the insurance policy and the rental conditions.

The delivery of the vehicle and the final settlement of the account by the client can be executed in all the Rental Offices of the same supplier in the national territory. In the province of rent but for more than 20 kilometers and outside the province, the client will pay the return of the vehicle as established in the Annex with the rates.

Traffic violations: Parking tickets and traffic violations are the responsibility of the customer. The police must write in the rental contract the fines that must be paid. Clients must never pay fines on the spot. Fines are paid to the rental company when the vehicle is returned.

Respite coverage

It includes and it is not necessary payment for:

· Damage to the vehicle

· Loss of the vehicle.

· Fire.

· Total or partial theft (except tires and stereo).

· Shock or Dump.

· Accidents, provided that:

a) a driver is authorized in the lease of the vehicle,

b) the driver is not under the influence of alcohol, and

c) the driver has not used illegal drugs.

· Natural catastrophes.

· Damages caused to the property of others or injuries to third parties that are caused when driving a vehicle on public roads.

In all cases described in the preceding clause, the user must immediately notify the competent authorities and present to the Agency or rental office, before or at the time of liquidation of the lease contract of the car, the proof of the police have filed a complaint in case of loss or theft; and in the case of accident, report of the police of the place of the fact or of the inspectors of the rentadora. Through this documentation, it is determined if the user has complied with the obligations that make him exempt from payment for the damages caused according to the liability relief coverage he has paid.

The coverage offered does not apply in cases where any of the following aspects occur:

· Theft of tires and / or audio equipment.

· Partial or total theft, accident or fire due to negligent action of the user, when it is proved by the competent authorities that the latter has been driving in a drunken state or under the effects of illegal or similar drugs, or when the vehicle is driven by a driver not authorized in the contract of lease. In the event that one of the aspects mentioned above occurs, the customer will be held liable for all damages caused to the vehicle and to third parties, being held responsible for payment of the total damages caused.

It is specified that it will be an indispensable condition that for any claim or complaint about this service the client presents the copy of the contract signed at the Rentador facilities and that specifies the condition of all the elements that make up this service. In other words, failure to comply with this condition for any complaint or claim will determine that the SUPPLIER considers it Unfair.


3.00 CUC per additional driver to the principal, payable at the time they decide to be included in the Lease

Foreigner: 18 years of age or older

· Cuban resident: 21 years of age or older

Charges for returning the car in an office other than the collection office If the vehicle is returned in a different location from where it was picked up, charges will apply.