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Campeche is part of the Mayan World. its archeological sites are more than 1000 years old. Among them the most famous are Edzna, Jaina, chicanna, Ixpuxil and Calakmul. Apart from this its colonial history and pirate legend have given the city of of Campeche a peculiar personality. Because of invasions by pirates scouldresls forts and bastions were built to protect the old city.

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Some of these unique structures have been converted into museums.
Spending time in Campeche, one can learn a rich culture, explore vast lands and relaxation. Here one can find the most peaceful beaches, lagoons, rivers, impressing mayan archeological sites, subterrain waters, ecological reserves, colorful islands, colonial cities, forts and bastions, churches filled with mystery to be discovered and the adventure of exploring an old legacy. Located on the southest part of the Mexican Republic and is bounded on the north and northeast by Yucatan, on the east by Quintana roo and Belize. on the south of Guatemala.

Campeche has two kins of climate: the humid warm and the sub-humid warm. The sub-humid warm climate has periods of rain in the summer and beginning of fall over most territory

The peso is the legal national currency of Mexico. However, American dollars are accepted in the majority of shops and restaurants. American dollars can be exchanged at banks and hotels at daily conversion rate (exchange rate) Electricity 110 Volts A.C./60 cycles Time Central Time. Customs Custom regulations allow citizens of the United States to import $400.00 Usd. Worth of merchandise and 2 liters of liquor duty free. The Government of the United States will tax any additional purchases. Customs forms are supplied by airlines during flights to the United States.

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